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16 May 2021

How to efficiently electrify a last mile delivery fleet 

We are in the midst of fleet electrification. On top of daily known projects, fleet managers are confronted with new challenges. We’d like to offer a guide on how to think clearly about them, to make the electric transition as efficient as possible. We subdivide the areas to consider in 4, namely: Vehicles, vehicle operation, charging points and depot.

13 June 2021

A deep dive into the German EV and charging infrastructure regulatory environment

In the EV space laws determine many characteristics. These are set at the EU and national levels. Most EU laws affect German laws.  These laws govern charging infrastructure availability and accessibility especially in buildings and parking spaces. As well as required payment methods, data transmission, plugs, grid connection and calibration. 

11 July 2021

The hidden importance of onboard chargers for EVs

One lesser known component of electric vehicles (EVs) is the onboard charger. It does not even have its own Wikipedia page, being embedded in the general battery charger page. Even though the onboard charger cannot claim the battery’s fame it has a very important role in the vehicle. It plays a crucial role to understand charging speed and costs. This article aims to show you why and how.

22 August 2021

EV sector trends in Germany

This executive summary is to show the most updated numbers and trends in the German EV charging infrastructure landscape.