Efficient charging for electric fleets.

We help to electrify fleets efficiently and sustainably. From the concept to the operation. We steer charging automatically using aIgorithms based on power system and mobility data. Achieve lower costs. We offer flexible integrations.


Systemic Challenges

Volatile wind and solar power production.

Lead to volatile power prices.

Instable grid

This volatility impacts grid stability.

High EV costs

EVs pay high power costs by not charging flexibly and unleashing their batteries to benefit the power grid.

What is more

The market is lacking the know-how to design efficient charging strategies and charging infrastructure.
Drawing insights from different data sources like the power market, power grid, mobility and charging infrastructure is still rare.
Optimized charging via algorithms is still in its infancy.
There is a lack of interoperable connectivity to steer the charging process anywhere via vehicles and charging points.

Our Services

Data-driven consultancy

Benefit from our insights based on data sources coming from the power market, grid, mobility and charging infrastructure.

Optimized charging schedule

We produce optimized charging schedules based on self-learning algorithms that offer you reduced costs and with which you support the energy transition.

Project consultancy

We can support you with our partners in finding the optimal solution to your concrete charging needs from the concept to the engineering, procurement and construction and partnerships.

End-to-end charging as a service

We perate the charging process for you. We analyse your situation: EV fleet, mobility, charging and infrastructure. We switch the electricity tariff, offer services to the grid. You get a future-proof cheap power bill.

Integrations & Connectivity

We offer flexible integrations. Charging schedules can be linked to different systems. From vehicles, charging points and fleet software systems.